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Vans and trucks

Decree amending the Regulation on traffic rules and traffic signs 1990 [RVV 1990] for temporary conditions and transitional provisions for zero-emission zones (Temporary Decree on zero-emission zones)

This draft Decree governs the exemptions and derogations for certain vans and trucks to continue to enter zero-emission zones. The RVV 1990 already states that municipalities may create a zero-emission zone for vans and trucks in parts of their territory from 2025. A zero-emission zone only allows access for vans or trucks with no exhaust emissions, such as electric vehicles. This draft Decree governs the temporary exemptions for zero-emission zones. The new paragraphs of the Article 86e RVV 1990 may contain technical regulations.

These are requirements on the emission class, year of manufacture, equipment, use and accessibility of vehicles. An exemption or derogation may be granted under certain conditions.
The regulations do not lend themselves to a mutual recognition clause. The requirements apply equally to all vehicles, regardless of their origin.