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Games of chance

Act on amendments to the Gaming Act (GA)

The main objective of the amendments to the Act is to establish a legal framework which will make it possible to grant concessions for the permanent organization of classic games of chance and for the organization of special games of chance in a transparent manner, based on a public tender. Following the implementation of each public tender, the Government of the Republic of Slovenia will award concessions for the organization of special games of chance on the basis of the criteria set out in the Gaming Act. In addition, the proposed amendments

to the GA stipulate that classic games of chance, which can currently be organized by two organizers only, maybe organized by a maximum of five organizers, specifying the conditions for obtaining a concession and betting services, the legal restrictions for the companies to obtain a concession are removed, the minimum level of the concession fee for the organization of classic games of chance, the organization of other types of special games of chance in casinos and the organization of games of chance in gaming halls is redefined, a higher
amount of initial capital is set for concessionaires who organize games of chance, the licenses for work in the economic field are abolished and the penal provisions regarding the amount of fines are harmonized.