ES Spanien

Production and marketing of agri-food products.

DECREE regulating the ‘gusto del Sur’ mark for agri-food and fishery products from Andalusia and creating the Information System for the use of the ‘gusto del Sur’ mark.

The creation of a new quality label, ‘gusto del Sur’, which meets a requirement going beyond guaranteeing the quality of the products and their differential characteristics, i.e. which meets the new requirements of the current consumer, who is highly aware of environmental conservation, the sustainability of these products and their balanced nutritional value. On the basis of these interests, this mark of quality and promotion is created, which gives a new impetus and a new look to the image and differentiation in the markets of the quality of Andalusian agri-food and fisheries products, through a distinctive mark based on three ‘crucial’ premises to compete and conquer the markets: taste, health and sustainability; and that will be consolidated as a reference mark not only for the quality of Andalusian products, but will also, using an image, represent the consolidation of differentiated quality, sustainability in production and the link between these products and the lifestyle model and eating habits of the ‘Mediterranean diet’ declared as belonging to the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.