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Electrical installations

Draft Ministerial Decision “General and Special Requirements for Electrical Installations”

This Decision applies to low-voltage electrical installations operating on alternating current (a.c.) with a rated voltage up to and including 1,000 V or with direct current (d.c.) with a rated voltage up to and including 1,500 V and which relate to the following general cases:

a) dwellings and related areas
b) commercial, professional buildings and related areas
c) buildings where Public Services are housed
d) buildings of public gatherings including education, health and social welfare areas
e) buildings and other constructions of industrial or craft use
f) rural, agricultural, livestock and horticultural facilities
g) electrical vehicle charging installations
h) places of organised camps and related areas
i) construction sites and temporary installations
j) port facilities for the servicing of yachts
k) self-generation electricity systems.
The draft Decision lays down safety requirements and procedures for the control of new and existing internal electrical installations with a view to ensuring their proper functioning as well as the safety of humans, animals and property against risks and damages that may arise during the intended and reasonably foreseeable use of these installations.
For the safety of electrical installations the draft decision adopts the general and specific requirements of ELOT standard 60364:2020 on the design, construction, modification, maintenance and control thereof.