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This Decree shall apply to single-use products and reusable products.

Royal Decree on single-use products and to promote reusable products

Directive 2015/720 has not yet been the subject of a federal measure. This Directive aims to reduce the use of light plastic carrier bags and allows Member States to prohibit some of these bags. This provision is transposed by the Article 5, paragraph 2, and point 1° of the Annex 1 of the Royal Decree’s draft concerning single-use and reusable products and prohibits light plastic carrier bags, with the exception of very light plastic carrier bags and reusable plastic carrier bags which meet the requirements of the NBN EN 13429 standard. A deadline until 30/9/2022 was provided for this provision.

Directive 2019/90, with a wider scope than the Directive 2015/720, aims to:
• restrict and prohibit the use of certain single-use products;
• prohibit oxo-degradable plastics;
• to introduce an obligation for caps and lids to remain attached to certain packaging;
• to introduce a marking for a range of single-use plastic products;
• to introduce a mandatory level of recycled material for PET bottles.