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  • B20 - Sicherheit

Explosives, ammunition, weapon, products and technologies used by Armed Forces and Police with regard to the storage thereof in storage facilities in a way that is safe for people, property and the environment.

Draft regulation of the Minister for Economic Development, Labour and Technology on storage premises and facilities for the storage of explosives, weapon, ammunition, products and technology used by Armed Forces and Police.

The regulation specifies the technical requirements to be met by storage facilities so that they are suitable for the safe storage of explosives, ammunition, weapon, products and technologies used by Armed Forces and Police. These requirements include:

1. use of appropriate facility construction and equipment to protect stored products from: a) the risk of explosion, fire or loss of technical parameters, b) groundwater and hazardous weather events, and c) exceeding air temperature and humidity limits,
2. equipping the facility with appropriate electrical, signalling and grounding devices as well as technical security features protecting the facility against theft.
Where explosives and ammunition are stored, the regulation lays down: a) the class of reaction to fire and the class of fire resistance of the materials from which the facility and its equipment are made, b) requirements to be met by doors and windows installed in the facility, and c) fire-fighting equipment, ventilation system, grounding installation, heating system and devices for measuring air temperature and humidity with which the facility must be equipped.
The annexes to the regulation lay down detailed requirements for the location and technical conditions of facilities where explosives and ammunition classified as as class/subclasses (ADR) 1,1–1.6, 3, 4.1 and 9 are stored, as well as the permissible quantity of such stored in the facilities. In addition, requirements for the location, technical conditions and security features are laid down for intermediate storage facilities where explosives, weapon and ammunition are sold.