NO Norwegen
  • H10 - Glücksspiele

Gambling activities on board Norwegian ships in the route between Norwegian and foreign ports

Proposal of changes in regulations on gambling activities on board ships

Proposed regulations:

- Gambling service providers can apply to offer multiple types of table games on board that may be approved by the Norwegian Gaming Authority (NGA) (according to the current regulations, card games and roulette are the only permitted table games).

- The introduction of a duty for casino employees to intervene if players show signs of problematic gaming behavior.

- Common limits for bets and winnings for all types of table games on board. Max bet is set to NOK 600, and maximum profit is set at NOK 3000.

- Removing restrictions of multiples (i.e. removing limitations on how high a gain can be in relation to the bet).

- Allowing the use of electronic payment card as a means of payment.