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Packaging and packaging waste

Decree on packaging and packaging waste

This Decree lays down the rules and conditions for the production, use, placing on the market and distribution of packaging in the Republic of Slovenia, as well as the rules on the management of packaging waste, aimed, as a first priority, at preventing the production of packaging waste. This Decree also lays down rules and conditions for the reuse of packaging, collection, recycling and other procedures for recovering packaging waste in order to minimize the volume of packaging waste disposal, thus contributing to the transition to a circular economy.

The Decree lays down:

– that the packaging is subject to extended producer responsibility,

– essential requirements for packaging,

– the definition of the term ‘placing on the market of packaging in the Republic of Slovenia’

– which producers have the obligations of extended producer responsibility (EPR obligations),

– what their EPR obligations are and how they fulfil them.