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  • S80E - Treibhausgase bzw. Gase, die zu einem Abbau der Ozonschicht führen

The proposed amendment concerns on-site built refrigeration systems with a charge equivalent to 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent or less.

Order on the regulation of certain industrial greenhouse gases

With the proposed amendment, the applicable derogation provided for in point 4 of Annex 1 shall be limited to heat pumps not covered by point 2, refrigeration equipment, air conditioning system (comfort cooling) and dehumidifiers with charges of between 0.15 kg and 10 kg. The maximum charge limit for these product categories will therefore in future be 5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. Delete the minimum limit of 0.15 kg.

At the same time, a new exemption under number 5 in Annex 1 to the Order is introduced. Refrigeration equipment that is not covered by point 4, with charges between 0.15 kg and 10 kg and that has been fully factory-assembled as compact units that are primarily assembled by welding or soldering are hereby exempted from the ban in § 2 of the Order as regards the import, sale and use of new products that contain the greenhouse gases covered by the Order. This means that this category of products will, as in the past, be covered by an exemption.
In addition, § 1 on the scope of the Order is amended to change the scope from “HFC’s with a global warming potential (GWP) of 5 or more” to “HFC’s with the exception of HFOs”. PFCs and SF6 will, as in the past, be covered by the scope of the Order. It is also specified that the Order covers the substances mentioned above, both alone and in mixtures, containing one or more of these substances. This rewording is not intended to change the existing scope of the Order.
§ 3(3), has been moved up to be § 1(2), as it belongs more logically under the scope of the Order.
The word "goods" is replaced by "product" throughout the Order. This is done in Order to bring the language of the Order into line with the Danish Chemicals Act, cf. in particular § 30(2) and (3) of the Act. This rewording is not intended to change the existing scope of the Order.
In Danish, a number of linguistic changes have been made to make the provisions more readable.
Finally, the constituent elements of criminal acts of the penal provision in § 5(1) have been clarified. There is no intent for any change in the scope or reach of the penal code.