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  • B00 - BAUWESEN

Wind turbines

Order on technical certification and servicing of wind turbines etc.

The objective of the Order is to ensure that wind turbines that are constructed on land, in territorial waters and in the exclusive economic zone and which are used for the production of electrical energy do not pose a risk to the safety and health of persons and domestic animals or the security of property when wind turbines are installed, maintained or used, and that they comply with the requirements laid down for noise emission. The Order contains certification requirements for wind turbines as well as servicing and maintenance requirements with a view

to ensuring the wind turbine’s durability throughout its service life. These are a prerequisite for wind turbines in Denmark obtaining a building permit from the municipality and connecting to the grid.

The Order covers the individual wind turbines, including tower, base, electrotechnical system and transformer up to and including the wind turbine terminals to the electrical grid, including components to run cables from the wind turbine. The requirements of the Order for certification include type, prototype and project certification as well as requirements for certification for reconstruction, relocation, etc. The Order also includes requirements for enterprises certifying wind turbines or service enterprises, requirements for enterprises and persons who carry out service and maintenance on wind turbines and provisions on administration, inspection and sanctions.