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Food belonging to the food categories stated in Annex 2.

Draft Order concerning the use of the Keyhole symbol on foods, etc.

The reason for the amendments to the Order concerning the use of the Keyhole symbol on foods, etc. is a revision of the criteria that are particularly focused on prepared meals (food groups 26-30) and vegetable products (group 25). The amendments were therefore primarily made to Annex 2 (prepared meals and vegetable products). The majority of the amendments were made in order to expand the food groups such that they can include more products, especially products with more whole grains and more vegetables. More products are being developed in these categories, as it is difficult to get products qualified for the Keyhole. It is also proposed that, following a transitional period, the Keyhole symbol will be used by itself without the accompanying ® symbol.

The Keyhole symbol is a voluntary food label to enable consumers to make better choices based on the content of fat, sugar, salt, and fibre in the food categories listed in Annex 2 to the Order. The Keyhole symbol is used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. The scientific basis for the criteria is the Nordic Nutritional Recommendations (NNR).Food categories and criteria reflect the NNR and the dietary habits of the participating countries. The general terms and conditions required for labelling or presenting foods with the Keyhole symbol are set out in the Order. Criteria have only been laid down where these are considered relevant, e.g. for milk, criteria have only been laid down regarding the fat content. The labelling scheme means that a complete assessment of the product's nutritional value has been carried out. The Keyhole symbol can be used in the marketing of prepacked and non-prepacked food covered by the food categories in Annex 2 to the Order, if these comply with all nutritional criteria for the food categories in question. Restrictions in the use of the symbol are described in §§ 4-7 of the Order. The nutritional label — the Keyhole symbol — can be used on labelling as well as in the marketing and presentation of food. There are no registration requirements or fees to be paid for using the symbol in labelling. Food companies using the Keyhole symbol in the marketing of food shall ensure that its use complies with the provisions in the order. Monitoring the use the symbol will be carried out by the authorities.

The draft Order is the result of a revision of the applicable rules and regulations concerning the voluntary use of the Keyhole symbol on food. The applicable Order was notified in 2008 (2008/440/DK) and amended in 2011 (2011/314/DK) and 2014 (2014/306/DK). Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are making equivalent amendments to their legislative acts.