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  • I20 - Druckgeräte, Gasverbrauchseinrichtungen und Heizkessel

Installation of pressure equipment

Draft Royal Decree adopting the Regulation on pressure equipment and the supplementary technical instructions thereof.

The draft Royal Decree consists of a preamble, a sole article, eight additional provisions, eight transitional provisions, a repealing provision and four final provisions.

The envisaged regulatory structure comprises one regulation, which contains general standards, and several supplementary technical instructions which establish the specific technical requirements that are considered to be necessary in accordance with current technology for the safety of persons and property as regards pressure equipment installations.
Accordingly, the following supplementary technical instructions have been drafted:
• ITC-EP 01 Boilers
• ITC-EP 02 Electricity generating plants
• ITC-EP 03 Oil refineries and petrochemical plants
• ITC-EP 04 Cryogenic tanks
• ITC-EP 05 Bottles used in autonomous breathing equipment
• ITC-EP 06 Transportable pressure vessels
• ITC-EP 07 Liquefied natural gas terminals