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Pyrotechnic articles of the categories F2 and F3.

Order of the State Secretary for Infrastructure and Public Works of ........,

No IENW/BSK… amending the Consumer and Theatrical Pyrotechnic Articles (Designation) Order in connection with the discontinuation of the designation of certain types of fireworks as consumer fireworks

Article I, Part C, may contain technical regulations. This provision amends Annex I to the Consumer and Theatrical Pyrotechnic Articles (Designation) Order, which includes fireworks of categories F2 and F3 that may be sold to private individuals in connection with celebrating the turn of the year. For reasons of public order, health, safety and environmental protection, the designation of a number of fireworks types shall be revoked, these being firecrackers (paragraph 1), string firecrackers (paragraph 2), rockets (paragraph 4) and single shot tubes (paragraph 5). In addition, the requirements for category F2 single shot tubes shall be maintained, as these may continue to form a part of compound fireworks, the designation of which has not been revoked (paragraph 3).

Due to the nature of the order, whereby the possession, use and sale of certain types of fireworks is no longer permitted, the inclusion of a mutual recognition clause is not possible.