IT Italien

a) Unprocessed agricultural crop products, animals and unprocessed animal products;

b) processed agricultural crop and animal products intended for
human consumption composed essentially of one or more ingredients of
plant or animal origin;

c) feed, compound feed for animals and feed materials not covered by point (a).

Regulation on the use of the certification mark Agriqualità - Product of integrated agriculture under Article 4 ter of Regional Law No 25 of 15 April 1999 (Regulations on the exploitation of agricultural products and foodstuffs obtained with integrated production technologies)

The draft concerns the regulation on the use of the mark Agriqualità and the marking with which to identify the products obtained from the application of the regional integrated production specifications which will be subject to subsequent notification as a technical standard.

The draft includes:

a) the description of the mark (graphic sign and logo) and the marking in terms of size, mandatory or voluntary content and colouring. Articles 3, 4, 5, and 6.

b) the requirements of the subjects who can use the mark (dealers) and the management of the list in which they are registered. Articles 8 and 9.

c) the procedures for obtaining the ‘status’ of dealers and their obligations under Articles 10, 11 and 12.

d) the elements of the self-monitoring activity also in the presence of associated agricultural or processing enterprises and the management of the detected non-conformities. Article 13

e) the conditions of use of the mark in the presence of different types of primary or processed products. Article 14

f) the measures applicable in the event of non-compliance, ascertained by the supervisory bodies, in violation of the integrated production specifications and the use of the mark. Article 15

g) the cases that determine the suspension or revocation of the use of the mark and their management. Articles 16 and 17