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Second amendment to the third National Waste Management Plan 2017-2029 [Landelijk Afvalbeheerplan - LAP 2017-2029]

The National Waste Management Plan [Landelijk Afvalbeheerplan - LAP] details the policy on the management of waste materials, including the granting of permits. This notification concerns an amendment to LAP 2017-2029. The current LAP is being amended due to:

- the revised Waste Framework Directive, coming into force on 5 July 2020;

- entry into force of national legislation on the physical environment: the Environment and Planning Act;

- developments in the transition to a circular economy.

The amendments to the sector plans for waste oil, diapers and incontinence materials, mattresses, car tyres, agricultural waste, mercury and incinerator bottom ash may contain technical regulations. This involves changes to the standard for processing waste arising from decommissioning of these products (the minimum standard).

An explicit mutual recognition clause is not required as with a minimum standard, it is always possible to show that another processing method offers at least the same quality and therefore may be permitted.