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Applies to power stations in Germany that generate electricity from coal

Draft Act on the reduction and termination of coal-fired power generation (Coal-fired Power Generation Termination Act [Kohleverstromungsbeendigungsgesetz - KVBG])

The German Coal-fired Power Generation Termination Act will reduce the generation of electricity from coal in Germany and cease it completely by the end of 2038. To this end, procurement procedures will be implemented for coal-fired power stations in Germany from 2020 to 2026. The contracted power stations undertake to decommission in return for payment of the coal supplement. From 2026, coal-fired power stations will be decommissioned according to their age without compensation. The Federal Government is authorised to reach a contractual agreement with lignite-fired power stations in Germany and the associated lignite open-cast mines regarding the date of decommissioning and compensation. If this does not occur, the Federal Government will establish the reduction and termination of the generation of electricity from lignite in an ordinance.

The import of electricity from coal-fired power stations in other EU Member States is not restricted.