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In 2019, Denmark issued “an Order on requirements for diesel powered lorries, buses and delivery vehicles in communally established environmental zones, etc.” that establishes requirements for retrofitting particulate filters and approval and registration of these, cf. notification number: 2019/145/DK.

With respect to any changes to the Environmental Protection Act in relation to the digital enforcement of environmental zones, this order implements the elements that may be amended by the new law. The primary new content in the current Order are the details relating to establishing the registration of foreign vehicles, which will now be undertaken digitally.

Furthermore, there will no longer a requirement for an environmental zone label on the windshield of the vehicle.

Order on requirements for diesel powered lorries, buses and delivery vehicles in communally established environmental zones, etc.

The technical environmental zone order implements the rules in the Act on Environmental Protection (BASIC 1 and 2) Section 15 b, Section 15 c and Section 15 d. The primary new content in the current order are details relating to the registration of foreign vehicles.

With respect to the transfer to digital enforcement, the current order establishes the more detailed requirements for documentation for foreign vehicles, including rules for electronic registration of foreign vehicles, cf. Section 6:

“The owner or user of the foreign vehicle must register on www.miljozone.dk the same day of the travel into a Danish environmental zone. Registration must include:

1) Name and address of the person performing the registration

2) Name and address of the vehicle’s owner/regular user, if different from the above

3) The vehicle’s registration number and registration country

4) The vehicle’s eEuronorm For heavy vehicles with eEuronorm 6 the requirement for a particulate filter is assumed to be complied with.

5) If the vehicle has retrofitted a particulate filter, in which case documentation should be attached cf. paragraph 4.

Paragraph 2. A copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate must be attached to the registration.

Paragraph 3. If the Euronorm is not stated on the registration certificate, documentation must be attached for eEuronorm.

Paragraph 4. Compliance with the requirement for retrofitting of an effective particulate filter is attested by attaching a declaration from a professional business or authority, stating that the vehicle has an effective particulate filter cf. Section 3. The declaration will be issued less than 18 months before the vehicle’s use in a Danish environmental zone and be completed in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, German or French.”