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Marine gasoils and residual marine fuels

Draft Royal Decree on the designations and properties of marine gasoils and residual marine fuels

This draft Royal Decree requires marine gasoils and residual marine fuels to meet physico-chemical standards and characteristics. These technical specifications are based on standard ISO 8217 (e.g. standard NBN T 52-703).

The sulphur content is not determined by this Decree, but rather is imposed by the Royal Decree of 27 April 2007. The statutory text makes reference to this Decree.

Exemptions are permitted for residual marine fuels, provided a prior agreement exists between supplier and purchaser. These exemptions are not possible for the parameters of flashpoint, hydrogen sulphide or used lubricating oil.

It also imposes obligations to provide information on the names of these products. These must be indicated on the documents intended for sale and delivery.