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Use of radiological equipment that emits ionizing radiationis and is subject to notification. Also installation and repair of radiological equipment that emits ionizing radiation and is subject to notification.

Act No. 121/2013, on amendments on Act on Radiation Protection, No. 44/2002, with subsequent amendments (changes in inspections, revoking of provisions of the Radiation Protection Council etc.)

The aim of these amendments is to revise the law so that they reflect new emphases in the international arena of radiation protection. The amendments are as follows:

1. Strengthen wording on justification in all decisions to use radiation.

2. The definitions of radiological equipment and medical radiation are changed and new one added regarding forensic radiation.

3. Authorisation to set rules by virtue of the Radiation Protection Act is deleted.

4. Provisions on ministerial radiation protection council are revoked.

5. The addition of radioactive substances to food, feed, toys, jewelry and cosmetics is prohibited.

6. New Regulatory Authorisations for the Minister to lay down detailed rules on the specific factors of radiation protection.

7. When using ionizing radiation in conjunction with medical radiation, it should also take into account the utility and risk of using other existing technologies and utilizing less or no ionizing radiation.

8. Inspections related to use of ionizing radiation shall take into account the risks associated with the use. The use of a graded approach in this way is in line with changing international focus.

9. Section IX that deals with installation and repair of radiological equipment is revoked, but the provisions of para. 1 of Article 20 are transferred to Article 7. Paragraph 2 of Article 20 is revoked.