NL Niederlande

Official supervision of slaughterhouses and game-handling establishments in the Netherlands.

Increase of the thresholds of the post-mortem inspections carried out by official auxiliaries under the responsibility of the official veterinarian as referred to in Article 18(2)(c) of Regulation (EU) 2017/625

In Article 7(1)(a) of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/624, thresholds are laid down for low-capacity slaughterhouses where an official auxiliary (OA) may perform the post-mortem inspection while the official veterinarian is not permanently present:

• Less than 1,000 livestock units (GVE [groovtee-eenheden]) per year for red meat

• Less than 150,000 units of poultry, lagomorphs and small wild game per year.

Under paragraph 1(b), the competent authority may increase these thresholds ensuring that the derogation is applied in the smallest slaughterhouses and game-handling establishments

1. complying with the definition of low-capacity slaughterhouse or game-handling establishment, and

2. provided that the combined annual production of these establishments does not exceed 5% of the total amount of fresh meat produced in a Member State

a. of all ungulates together and

b. of all birds and lagomorphs together.

The Netherlands applies this, as set out in Section 9.