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Products for surface repair measures on cracked hydraulic structures made of concrete and reinforced concrete, including their ancillary facilities, e.g. sluices, weirs, barrages, pumping stations, siphons, culverts, harbour constructions and waterfront walls made of concrete and reinforced concrete

Surface repair of hydraulic structures with textile-reinforced mortar and concrete layers (MITEX), 2019 edition

This leaflet applies to the surface repair of cracked hydraulic structures made of concrete or reinforced concrete by means of textile-reinforced sprayed mortar/shotcrete made of cement-based concrete substitute with or without polymer modification in accordance with the Additional Technical Contract Conditions – hydraulic engineering, performance category 219 (EU Notification No 2017/228/D of 7 June 2017), Section 5, with a maximum grain size ≤ 6 mm, applied on concrete substrates in thin layers (30 to 40 mm) without additional anchoring in the spray process. There is information on the basic principles of planning, requirements and execution of the repair systems as well as quality assurance.