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Requirement are imposed for environmental protection considerations on how building and construction waste should be screened and mapped and digitally reported/updated, as well as how the report should follow the waste through to the first recipient, who is to report waste information to the municipality.

Order on waste

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Food considers that it is exclusively the rules in Chapter 11 in the Waste Order that give rise to the need for notification.

Chapter 11 of the Order on waste deals with the reporting of building and construction waste by builders and recycling centres.

By amending chapter 11, it is made clear that the mapping of buildings and construction sites (analyses of all problematic substances) shall always be carried out before, for example, a building is demolished.

Recycling centres are to undertake representative analyses of the waste that they receive from the builder.

In future, reports of building and construction waste shall be made digitally and the reports must be updated if significant new information is received on the waste.

The initiative that 'the report must follow the waste' has been implemented. This means that 1) reports will in future be given a unique serial number. 2) The carrier must then show the report to the first recipient of the building and construction waste, and 3) finally, the recipient of the waste must report the serial number, volume of waste and date to the municipality. In this way, the traceability of the building and construction waste is ensured.