DK Dänemark
  • T20T - Seetransport und Binnenschifffahrtstransport

Covers passenger ships operating domestic services.

The implementation of the Directive is notified, whereby the rules for passenger ships shorter than 24 metres is retained, even though the Directive no longer covers these ships.

Order on the construction and equipment, etc. of passenger ships operating domestic services

The Order implements Directive 2009/45/EC as amended by Directive (EU) 2017/2108.

There are no substantive changes to the rules governing Danish vessels.

The main content of the amendment to the Directive is that certain ships are transferred to national regulation (new assessment in the European Union, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity), modernisation and streamlining of definitions and adaptation to the Lisbon Treaty with respect to the role of the European Commission and the comitology procedure, etc.

As part of the clean-up of the regulatory structure, the Order has been synchronised with three other orders, which together with a new order on MARPOL will completely replace the existing set of regulations ‘Notice D of the Danish Maritime Authority’.