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ZTV-ING 4-2: Composite Steel Construction

Additional Technical Contract Conditions for Civil Engineering Works [Zusätzliche Technische Vertragsbedingungen für Ingenieurbauten - ZTV-ING]

Part 4 Steel construction, composite steel construction - Section 2 Bridge cables

The Additional Technical Contractual Conditions and Guidelines for Civil Engineering Works Part 4 Foundations, Section 2 Excavations (ZTV-ING 4-2) contain extensive regulations for the planning and construction of excavations for civil engineering works. This section is only to be used in conjunction with ZTV-ING 1-1.

Mutual recognition is regulated for the entire ZTV-ING in Part 1, Section 1, which was notified under No 2016/0670/D.

The sections marked in the right-hand margin are Additional Technical Contract Conditions as per § 1 No 2d) VOB/B-DIN 1961, provided the ZTV-ING forms an integral part of the building contract. Those sections which are in italics and not marked in the right-hand margin are guidelines. These are to be observed by the principal when drawing up the specifications and for the inspection and acceptance of the construction works.