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  • B20 - Sicherheit

Construction products, safety and fire prevention products and systems.

Draft Ministerial Decree updating Decree of the Minister of the Interior of 3 August 2015 on the approval of technical fire prevention standards, in accordance with Article 16 of Legislative Decree No 139 of 8 March 2006

The notified provision updates the previous technical standards for fire prevention laid down by the Decree of the Minister of the Interior of 3 August 2015 and the Decree of 7 August 2017 (Notification No 2014/641/I - Horizontal standards and vertical technical regulations [RTV] Educational activities) supplemented by the Decree of 8 June 2016 (Notification No 2016/10/I - RTV Offices), with the Decree of 9 August 2016 (Notification No 2016/156/I - RTV Tourism and hotel activities), with the Decree of 21 February 2017 (Notification No 2016/491/I - RTV Commercial activities) and with the amendments of the enacting terms approved by the Decree of 12 April 2019.

The update results from the monitoring, carried out in accordance with Article 4 of the same decree, which revealed potential areas of improvement of said technical standards, concerning in particular Section G - General points, Section S - Fire prevention strategy, Section V - Vertical technical regulations, Chapters V.1 (Specific risk areas), V.2 (Areas at risk due to explosive atmospheres) and V.3 (Lift shafts), and Section M - Methods.

Specifically, the draft Decree consists of two articles and one annex, namely:

- Article 1: approves the amendments to Annex I of the Decree of 3 August 2015, as amended;

- Article 2: establishes the final provisions;

- Annex I: technical fire prevention standards.