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Railway vehicles

Swedish Transport Agency regulations on the authorisation of railway vehicles for national railway systems

This proposal replaces the Swedish Transport Agency regulations (TSFS 2010:116) on approval of subsystems for railways that need to be revised as a result of the “Fourth Railway Package” (EU regulation). The regulations contain provisions on the authorisation and temporary authorisation of railway vehicles that are not covered by the EU regulation. There are also provisions on the authorisation of tram-trains, on exemptions from the requirement for approval and temporary approval, and on independent inspectors.

Rules on the authorisation of vehicles covered by EU regulation will be contained in separate regulations (the Swedish Transport Agency regulations on the authorisation of railway vehicles under the Railway Technologies Act (xx), which will be notified at the same time as these).

There are vehicles that are authorised in other states within the EEA area or in Switzerland. These vehicles require further authorisation in order to ensure that the vehicle meets the relevant safety requirements with regard to infrastructure and operating conditions, if these requirements are not covered by the other State’s authorisation (see § 7 of the regulations). The aim here is not for items that have already been approved by the competent authority in another State within the EEA or in Switzerland to be approved all over again; it is only items that, for reasons relating to safety, need to be examined that will need re-approval.