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serving measures

Draft General Measure

number: 0111-OOP-C099-19,

laying down metrological and technical requirements for legally controlled measuring instruments, including testing methods for verification of the following legally controlled measuring instruments:

‘serving measures’

In the Czech Republic, serving measures are placed on the market and put into use pursuant to Directive 2014/32/EU (MID). Once they have been put into use, they become subject to national metrological regulation – examination at the request of a person who may be affected by incorrect measurement. This notified legislation only applies to the examination of measuring instruments that have already been put into use. It does not concern placing them on the market or putting them into use.

The requirements imposed on these measuring instruments when in use are fully compatible with the MID.

Some parameters listed in this document are properties of the measuring instruments when they are new; they are listed herein only because the preservation of these properties when the instruments are in use is subject to visual or other checks during examination.


measuring instrument, volume, serving measures