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natural gas service stations,

liquid natural gas (LNG),

compressed natural gas (CNG),

natural gas,

operation of natural gas stations,

repair of natural gas stations,

modernisation of natural gas stations

Regulation of the Minister for Energy on technical requirements for natural gas stations.

The draft lays down detailed technical requirements regarding the safe operation, repair and modernisation of natural gas stations. The draft sets out standards that apply to the operation of natural gas stations equipped with compressed natural gas (CNG) refuelling points or liquid natural gas (LNG) refuelling points.

A catalogue of documents is listed which must be taken into account when operating natural gas stations.

Furthermore, it introduces a requirement that all inspection, maintenance, repair and modernisation works to natural gas stations should to be documented in such a way as to confirm their course. This information will be used by the Office of Technical Inspection when carrying out an inspection to assess the compliance of the operations.

The draft also indicates what in particular should be contained in the operating instructions, the requirements for which stem from the need to ensure correct operation of the device by service staff, operators and users. It sets out the types, dates and procedures for inspections carried out by the Office of Technical Inspection.

The draft sets out the fee for an opinion on the legal compliance of a planned natural gas station and for carrying out a technical inspection of such a station to verify its safe operation, repair and modernisation.