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Vehicle road restraint systems

Order amending the Order of 2 March 2009 on the performances and rules for the commissioning of vehicle road restraint systems

The text amends and supplements the Order of 2 March 2009 on three points:

Restraint systems as road equipment are subject to the French Highway Regulations Code (Article R.111-1).

This sets out the regulatory requirements relating to performance levels as regards the requirements laid down in the Regulation on construction products and CE marking and the certification and conformity assessment schemes.

The Order, known as ‘RNER - restraint systems’, is one of the orders under Article R*119-7 that impose requirements for safety and suitability for use, depending on the type of road or structure in which this equipment is used, installed or incorporated.

Initially, this Order only dealt with devices with CE marking. Devices without CE marking have since been integrated. The RNER restraint systems is therefore an order under Articles R*119-7 AND R*119-8 of the French Highway Regulations Code.

Firstly, it is necessary to adapt it in order to integrate new restraint systems:

- expansion joints

- lane interruptions

Secondly, a recast of the Order is proposed in order to take into account:

- a simplification and complete revision of the RNER Order by retaining only the performance actually regulated, i.e the level of restraint, with everything from the doctrine being integrated into guidelines in progress or to come (Cerema [Centre d’études et d’expertise sur les risques, l’environnement, la mobilité et l’amenagement] guideline ‘Setting up restraint systems’ in the process of consultation);

-the taking into account of the maximum authorised speed of 80 km/h;

-the updating of standards.