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Sanitary facilities and related assistive equipment.

Defining large form of accessible sanitary accommodation within certain large building types to meet the needs of persons with more complex care needs, where standard accessible sanitary accommodation is not adequate.

The form of such accommodation is already described in detail within an advisory British Standard document - BS 8300-2: 2018 - 'Design of an accessible and inclusive built environment. Part 2: Buildings - Code of practice' but povision within buildings is not mandated by regulation.

Building regulations – proposals to require provision of ‘Changing Places Toilets’ in certain types of new buildings. Amendment to guidance published in support of the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

Under The Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (as amended), building regulations set requirements for sanitary facilities in buildings where buildign work takes place (to construct, convert, extend or alter a building).

Provisions are made under paragraph 3.12 of schedule 5 to regulation 9 of the regulations.

This is published as mandatory standard 3.12 ' Sanitary facilities' within the BSD non-doemstic Technical Handbook. Guidance to the standard recommends both the number and form of such facilities in various types of building, on construction.

Guidance also identifies the provision of accessible sanitary accommodation, provided to enable use by persons with disabilities. Such accommodation is larger and has associated assistive fixtures such as grab rails and assistance alarms that enable safe use.

Te draft proposals apply to scotland only and apply to non-domestic buildings only.