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  • B00 - BAUWESEN

This Guideline and Regulation for Highway Construction [RVS] applies to the manufacture of block pavings and slab pavings as well as edgings made of natural or artificial stone material in public, commercial and private areas.

It is presumed that the relevant ÖNORMS, particularly ÖNORM B 2214, constitute part of the building contract.

Grass pavers and grids as well as water-permeable pavings or pavings with green joints are not addressed in this RVS.

RVS 08.18.01 Technical contract conditions, paving work, kerb edging, block pavings and slab pavings, edgings

Scope, general, definitions, construction materials, planning, execution, repair after excavation work, maintenance, testing, acceptance, quality penalties, scope and settlement, guarantee, cited directives and standards, other literature to be observed, Annex