NO Norwegen
  • C10A - Fischerei

Aquaculture facilities for fish

Proposed Regulations to amend the Regulations relating to requirements
for a technical standard for land-based aquaculture facilities for fish

The purpose of the proposal is to ensure that safety throughout the aquaculture facility, including loading of fish. It is proposed that all land-based aquaculture facilities that are designed and built after the entry into force, must prove that the engineering and contruction (componets, departments and facility) complies with the requirements of the proposed regulation and standard (NS 9416: 2013).

For existing facilities, no equivalent requirements can be set for documenting the design, a satisfactory condition of componets, departments and facility must be documented through a report.

If the Fisheries Directorate approves the report, a permit is issued. Once the permit has been issued, the plant is incorporated into the scheme.