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The draft Decree referred to in section 5 establishes the template for the pictogram intended to indicate the installation and use of fixed and temporary fixed cameras by the police services pursuant to the Police Functions Act.

Draft Royal Decree defining the way in which the use of fixed and temporary fixed cameras is indicated by the police services.

The draft Royal Decree sets the requirements that must be met by the pictograms indicating the use of cameras by the police services.

The ‘general requirements’, namely the physical medium, the central design of the pictogram and its dimensions (linked to the type of place in which the pictogram is located), are similar to those provided for in the Royal Decree of 10 February 2008 defining how to indicate that surveillance cameras are operating.

The draft Royal Decree also determines requirements ‘specific’ to the pictograms of the police services. These concern:

- the compulsory minimum wording (reference to the legal basis, identification of the camera user and their contact data);

- identification of the police services by means of the integrated police service logo.