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Fruit and processed fruit products

Specification “selected quality” – fruit and processed fruit products

The specification prescribes additional requirements for fruit and fruit products, which relate both to the production methods and to the quality of the fruit itself. With this objective, the specification specifies a method of fruit production that meets a number of additional requirements that are not required by EU regulations and standards. The specification encourages producers and processors to be more environmentally-friendly, and provides customers with fruit full of taste and optimum ripeness.

The specification also applies to fruit species for which the requirements for the level of soluble dry matter of fruit are not prescribed, prescribing the minimum values that these fruit species must have. These requirements apply to apples, pears, cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, kaki, kiwi, figs, apricots, strawberries, American blueberries, raspberries and table grapes. The moisture content for nuts is also prescribed, namely for walnuts and hazelnuts. Consequently, this ensures better fruit quality. As a criterion of fertilisation, the use of digestate is permitted only from small treatment plants, as this completes the consumption of nutrients and the preservation of organic matter on the agricultural holding itself in light of the green circular economy. The requirements in the specification also apply to short transport routes, the input of pure nitrogen into the ground is restricted, the maximum width of the herbicide band is determined, the use of plant protection products is limited, the apple picking window is determined. The specification also defines the specific requirements for the storage and marketing of fruit from the "selected quality" scheme.

The specification refers to fruit and fruit products that are produced and processed within one country. The requirements of the proposed specification therefore