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Non-beverage alcoholic preparations

Amendments to the Alcohol Act (2010:1622)

The draft amendments to the Alcohol Act introduce a new definition of certain alcoholic preparations: ‘alcoholic preparations that from a consumption standpoint are equivalent to alcoholic beverages or which otherwise may be assumed to be used as intoxicants’. These preparations shall be designated as ‘non-beverage alcoholic preparations’ and, as far as possible, shall be regulated in the same manner as alcoholic beverages.

The regulation covers, amongst other things, sales, wholesale, marketing, serving, and oversight. Systembolaget shall be entrusted with the sale of the non-beverage alcoholic preparations.

Draft amendments to the Radio and Television Act (2010:696) are also submitted in order for the non-beverage alcoholic preparations to be regulated in a similar manner to alcoholic beverages in terms of marketing on radio and television. The amendments made to the Radio and Television Act will be notified separately pursuant to Directive 2015/1535.