SK Slowakei
  • C30A - Veterinärmedizinische Dienstleistungen

Selective breeding, animal breeding.

Draft Act on selective breeding and animal breeding and on amendments to certain acts.

The draft Act concerns, in particular, the following areas of selective breeding and breeding of livestock, other livestock and farmed game:

- zootechnical and genealogical rules for trade in breeding animals, game and their germinal products, including their entry into the European Union,

- rules concerning the recognition of breed societies, breeding operations

and breeders’ associations and the approval of their breeding programmes,

- rights and obligations of breeders, breed societies, breeding operations

and breeders’ associations,

- rules concerning the entry of breeding animals in breeding books, breeding registers

and breeding records, and the conditions for using breeding animals and their germinal products for breeding,

- rules concerning the performance testing and genetic evaluation of breeding animals,

- rules concerning the issuing of zootechnical certificates for breeding animals and their germinal products,

- rules for performing official controls and other official activities,

- rules concerning administrative assistance and cooperation between the competent authorities of the Slovak Republic and those of other Member States.