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This Guideline and Regulation for Highway Construction [RVS] is intended to be used in defining the objectives and tasks for road planning services. It shall also serve as the basis for the expenditure and costs estimates described in RVS 06.01.22 and RVS 06.01.23. The actual services to be rendered may differ from the scope of services described here. These provisions are intended to provide support and may be adjusted to the specific tasks in individual cases.

Additional notes on other disciplines are marked in green.

Based on objective and significant parameters of the construction to be planned, a more detailed definition of the scope of services shall be prepared.

This RVS may also be applied accordingly for main thoroughfares.

RVS 06.01.21 Scope of services, planning - New construction, roads, description of objectives and tasks

Foreword, scope, principles for planning, federal roads, provincial roads, municipal roads, cited laws, guidelines and standards, RVSes, additional guidelines and standards to be taken into account