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Innovative climate-impacting systems for space heating and hot water heating (such as for example demand-led exhaust air systems for housing units, controlled ventilation systems with heat recovery, solar units and photovoltaic systems) and building materials

Ordinance of the Provincial Government of Salzburg amending the 2015 Housing Construction Grants Ordinance

The draft Ordinance mainly includes the following amendments:

a) adjustment of the ranking criteria for building subsidy for owners with particular regard to the principle of economical use of soil and land, family situation and income;

b) subsidisation of the purchase of land only when predominantly rental housing is to be constructed;

c) introduction of minimum own resources and minimum external funds for the purchase and building grant as well as a minimum investment amount for grants for superstructures, additions and installations;

d) redefinition of the subsidy amount for the purchase and building grant, namely as lump sums scaled according to the family configuration or number of persons living in the same household;

e) reduction of the subsidy in the construction grant if certain property sizes are exceeded;

f) conversion of the basic amount into a loan in the case of grants for the construction of a residential home;

g) streamlining of the catalogue and exhaustive listing of possible refurbishment measures as well as simplification of the procedure for a refurbishment grant.