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Software for exchanging data between municipalities and care providers, Social Support Act providers and Youth Support providers

Order of the Minister for Public Health, Welfare and Sport setting out rules for the reduction of avoidable implementation costs for the Youth Act and the Social Support Act 2015

An amendment to the Social Support Act 2015 and the Youth Act to provide a basis for a ministerial order to set out rules on matters such as administrative processes in the Social Support Act and the Youth Act. This bill, and the order, are intended to provide a significant reduction in avoidable implementation costs for the Social Support Act 2015 and the Youth Act. Due to the decentralisation (transfer of duties from the federal government to the municipalities), providers are dealing with different municipalities, each with their own communication, administration and accountability processes. The Association of Netherlands Municipalities, the municipalities and provider offices themselves have expressed a desire for more uniformity in procedures and the exchange of data. Therefore, the ministerial order sets out rules so both municipalities and providers meet certain standards for messaging.