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Electricity Smart Metering Supply Licence Condition

Gas Smart Metering Supply Licence Condition

Great Britain Smart Metering Implementation Programme: Notification of extension to the smart metering electricity and gas supply licence conditions enrolment mandate - SMETS1 meters.

The UK Government has introduced requirements (‘roll-out licence conditions’) on electricity and gas suppliers to install smart metering systems (SMSs) in their domestic and smaller non-domestic customers’ premises, with a limited number of exceptions, by the end of 2020. Installed SMSs must meet minimum functional requirements, including those defined in the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specifications (SMETS) in force when they are installed.

The following smart metering requirements have previously been notified to the European Commission:

- SMETS version 1 and the rollout licence conditions (2012/215/UK) – in legal force.

- SMETS version 2 (2013/46/UK) – not in legal force (notification withdrawn).

- ‘No backward step’ amendments to the rollout licence conditions (2013/596/UK) – in legal force.

- SMETS version 2 Part 2, including revised rollout licence conditions, GBCS, CHTS, CPA Security Characteristics and interoperability requirements (2014/0378/UK) – in legal force.

- SMETS Enrolment Mandate (Supply Licence Condition) (2016/0133/UK) – in legal force.

- SMETS for Data Communications Company (DCC) System Release 2 (2017/0350/UK) – in legal force.

- Extension to the Smart Metering Electricity and Gas Supply Licence Condition Enrolment Mandate (2018/70/UK) – in legal force.

- Further change to the Smart Metering Technical Specifications (SMETS v3.0) for Data Communications Company (DCC) System Release 2 (2018/150/UK) – not in legal force.

This notification relates to a proposed extension to the supply licence conditions, requiring that energy suppliers take all reasonable steps to enrol ‘eligible’ first generation (SMETS1) SMSs into the national data and communications provider, the Data Communications Company (DCC) within a specified timeframe. It is broadly intended that eligibility for enrolment would depend on the DCC demonstrating through testing that it is able to provide data and communications services in respect of that SMS. The proposal would require that a SMETS1 SMS that has been enrolled in the DCC may not be withdrawn and operated outside the DCC. As a backstop, any unenrolled SMETS1 SMS would need to be replaced with a second generation (SMETS2) SMS by the end of 2020.

This proposal builds on existing requirements for energy suppliers to enrol SMETS2 SMSs in the DCC, which were the subject of previous notifications 2016/0133/UK and 2018/70/UK. The proposed changes also make minor amendments to existing SMETS2 requirements, though these do not affect the substance of the existing requirements.

The amendments to electricity and gas Supply Licence Conditions to implement this proposal have already been consulted on and are now in final draft format.

The UK will fulfil its obligation under Article 9 of Directive 2015/1535/EU when the draft modifications to the relevant licence conditions are laid before Parliament.