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  • 65 - Agriculture
  • 67 - Food technology

Cereal grains, fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dry beans, seeds, beans, peas, and herbs

Draft of Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods. Language(s): Chinese and English. Number of pages: 7

Amendment of pesticide MRLs for Abamectin, Acetamiprid, Boscalid, Chromafenozide, Clothianidin, Cyazofamid, Cyfluthrin, Cyhalothrin, Dimethomorph, Etoxazole, Fenbutatin-oxide, Fenpyroximate, Flonicamid, Flufenoxuron, Fluopicolide, Flutriafol, Glyphosate, Imibenconazole, Imidacloprid, Lufenuron, Mandipropamid, Mepronil, Metaflumizone, Methoxyfenozide, Propamocarb hydrochloride, Propiconazole, Pyriproxyfen, Spiromesifen, Spirotetramat, Tebuconazole, Tetraconazole, Thiamethoxam, Trifloxystrobin and Triflumizole in cereal grains, fruits, vegetables, tree nuts, dry beans, seeds, beans, peas, and herbs. Addendum of durum wheat in group of wheat and barley, and buckwheat in group of other cereals and crops.