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  • 71 - Chemical technology

Hair Cream PS: 4751; Cosmetics. Toiletries (ICS 71.100.70)

Hair Cream PS: 4751 ICS No. 71.100.70 (18 page(s), in English)

This Pakistan Standard was adopted by the Pakistan Standards Institution on 25.10.2001 after the draft finalized by the Cosmetic & Toilet Goods Sectional Committee had been approved by the Chemical Divisional Council.

Hair Creams are intended to provide to the hair goods grooming, lustre and some degree of hair conditioning. The major property required for conditioning is moisturizing. Moisture must be added for this purpose by direct application of water is of little benefit since evaporation is equally rapid and equilibrium is as soon reached. A men has to be provided to prevent the absorbed water from evaporating and emulsions of oil and water prove useful in this respect.