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  • 87 - Vehicles other than railway or tramway rolling-stock, and parts and accessories thereof

Light vehicles, including those under HS8703; Heavy vehicles, including those under HS8704; Motorcycles and mopeds including those under HS8711; Special Purpose Motor Vehicles HS8705; Vehicles for disabled persons, including those under HS8713

1. Euro 6/VI Consultation document

2. DRAFT Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Amendment 2023

The New Zealand Government is proposing to phase-in new emissions standards for the following groups of vehicles (when they are imported into the country): light vehicles, heavy vehicles, motorcycles/mopeds, and used disability vehicles. The emissions standards would be phased-in over five years.

The relevant proposals include:

· Shifting the minimum requirement for used imports from Euro 4/IV to Euro 5/V from 1 Feb 2024, including for disability vehicles;

· Phasing in the shift from Euro 5/V to Euro 6/VI on used imports and new vehicles (including new disability vehicles) in several steps, between late 2024 and the start of 2028.

· Allowing more time for used disability vehicles, which will shift to Euro 6d from 1 January 2028 at the latest.

· Introducing an emissions requirement for mopeds and motorcycles. Requiring Euro 4 from 1 Feb 2025 and then Euro 5 from 1 Jan 2027.

Aotearoa New Zealand currently accepts the use of several regional standards (European, Japanese, American, and Australian) and global standards (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to demonstrate emissions levels. This approach shall continue where broad equivalence is possible.

The proposed Amendment Rule change also includes some minor technical changes to outdated and redundant information in the rule.

[1] United Nations Economic Commission for Europe