NI Nicaragua
  • 65 - Agriculture

International Classification for Standards (ICS) code 65.120

Nicaraguan Mandatory Technical Standard (NTON) No. 11 031-20 Sanitary measures. Prevention, control and eradication. Newcastle disease

On 9 May 2012, the Republic of Nicaragua notified Nicaraguan Mandatory Technical Standard (NTON) No. 11 031-11 Prevention and control of Newcastle disease, with an addendum on 17 July 2012, in order to establish sanitary requirements to be met by Newcastle disease prevention and control programmes, with the aim of harmonizing procedures, activities, criteria, strategies and operational techniques for the development and implementation of actions and activities to be carried out in national programmes. The purpose of the present Addendum is to advise WTO Members that the notified Technical Standard has been amended, in order for them to submit comments or observations.