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  • 67 - Food technology

Primary products and food products

Projet d'arrêté conjoint modifiant l'arrêté conjoint du ministre de l'agriculture et de la pêche maritime et du ministre de la santé No. 1643-16 du 30 mai 2016 fixant les limites maximales autorisées des contaminants dans les produits primaires et les produits alimentaires (Draft Joint Order amending Joint Order of the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries and the Minister of Health No. 1643-16 of 30 May 2016 setting the maximum authorized levels for contaminants in primary products and food products) Language(s): French Number of pages: 13

The notified draft Joint Order has been prepared taking into account new developments in international standards on contaminants and in order to provide regulations that guarantee the safety of locally produced or imported food products and to harmonize official controls so that decisions may be made on the compliance of food products with maximum contaminant levels.