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Proposed Revision of the "Labelling Standards for Foods" (12 page(s), in Korean)

Republic of Korea is proposing to amend the "Labelling Standards for Foods". The main changes proposed are:

1.    The principle provisions for labelling of subdivided or repackaged foods are revised: The information of "packaging materials" is added to the provision regarding the changeable labelling information in the case of subdivided or repackaged foods.

2.    The information of "decaffeinated products" is allowed in "tea and tea products" if the caffeine is removed over 90%.

3.    In the case of blended soy sauce, the contents of all kinds of mixed soy sauce are declared on the main display surface.

4.    In the case of food additives including disinfectants for utensil, either the sell-by date or the manufacturing date is declared.