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Arrêté relatif aux critères, aux sous critères et au système de notation pour le calcul et l'affichage de l'indice de réparabilité des téléphones intelligents (Order relating to the criteria, sub-criteria and scoring system for calculating and displaying the repairability index of smartphones)

The repairability index consists of a score out of 10 intended to be displayed at the time of purchase to inform consumers of the categories of electrical and electronic products. This score is obtained by dividing an overall score of 100 points by 10 according to five criteria, each scored out of 20 and of equal weight, making it possible to assess the repairability of the products concerned. These criteria are as follows: documentation provided by the manufacturer, ease of disassembly of the product, availability of spare parts, relationship between the price of the most expensive spare part and the price of the original product, usage counter (optional) or other criteria specific to the category of products concerned.

This Order applies to smartphones. It specifies the criteria, sub-criteria and scoring system applicable to smartphones to calculate the repairability index by model.

Producers, importers, or other parties placing electrical and electronic equipment on the market, including smartphones, shall be required to calculate the index for the categories of products concerned, and to make this information available.