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In-shell and shelled ground-nuts (Arachis hypogea)

Modifica Resolución No. 3.541 de 2022 que establece requisitos fitosanitarios de importación para frutos secos de maní (Arachis hypogea) con y sin cáscara procedentes de todo origen (Amendment to Resolution No. 3.541 of 2022 establishing phytosanitary requirements governing the importation of in-shell and shelled ground-nuts (Arachis hypogea) of any origin) Language(s): Spanish. Number of pages: 3

The notified text amends Resolution No. 3.541 of 2022, based on the following:

-        Requests have been received from certain European Union countries to accept an additional declaration stating that the pest/s is/are not present in the country of origin;

-        It has been agreed with the European Union that member countries will be able to declare pest status, regardless of origin, in accordance with the guidelines of ISPM No. 8 "Determination of pest status in an area";

-        All shipments of in-shell and shelled ground-nuts need to be sealed, regardless of their status;

-        There are different formats of phytosanitary certificate, meaning that treatments should be indicated in the relevant section of each specific certificate.

Further details can be found in the document attached to this notification.