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Poultry meat

Product Specification ‘Dokazana kvaliteta’ — Poultry meat

This Specification lays down specific characteristics for poultry meat relating to the method of production and quality of poultry meat. To this end, the Specification establishes the method of production of poultry meat that meets a series of special characteristics. The Specification applies to fresh, chilled, frozen and quick-frozen chicken and turkey meat.

Specific characteristics establish the welfare of animals through improved care of day-old chicks and day-old turkeys, improved housing conditions, animal feeding and the length of transport from the producer to the establishment for slaughtering, cutting and processing of meat.
The Specification refers to meat from poultry hatched (born), fattened (grown), slaughtered and cut in the same country.
Pursuant to Article 98a(1) of the Agriculture Act (Narodne Novine [NN; Official Gazette of the Republic of Croatia] Nos 118/18, 42/20, 127/20 — Decision of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, 52/21 and 152/22), the Croatian Chamber of Agriculture submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture an application for approval of an amendment to the Product Specification ‘Dokazana kvaliteta’ — Poultry meat.
At the very beginning of the System implementation, poultry meat producers included in the system realized that certain changes should be made to the recognised Product Specification ‘Dokazana kvaliteta’ — Poultry meat in order to make it as effective as possible in practice.