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Plant protection products, biocidal products as well as spray fluids and other mixtures.

Order on control agents

The main change concerns a ban on the use of the active substance glyphosate as harvest aid in fodder crops after sprouting, which is inserted in § 44. An exception to the ban has been inserted in subsection 2, which excludes spot spraying. The ban was introduced on the basis of the pesticide strategy 2022-2026, where the parties to the agreement agreed that the use of glyphosate in Danish agriculture should be reduced. They agreed to ban the use of glyphosate as harvest aid in fodder crops, but to exempt spot spraying. Both fodder crops and spot spraying are defined in § 44.

Other relevant changes concern the following:
§ 14 lays down that opened, empty and defective packages must be marked with a text stating that such packages must not handed over to consumers.
§ 26(4): New storage requirements are introduced, according to which spray fluids and other mixtures which have been premixed with control agents must be stored in an environmentally and health-friendly manner and out of the reach of children. In addition, the products must not be stored with or in the vicinity of foodstuffs, feedingstuffs, medicinal products or the like.
§ 27(2): A new storage requirement is introduced for rat products approved for professional use under the Biocides Regulation, which in future must be stored in a separate and locked cabinet or room.
Section 28(5) and (6): Minor change to both subsections, making the provisions slightly wider.
§§ 40 and 41: The provisions are adjusted as their scope has been unintentionally limited to plant protection products used for spraying, which in practice has excluded, for example, the application of granules.